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About Piasecki & Company, CPA’s, LLC

Founded in 1994 by Paul Piasecki, Piasecki & Company, CPA’s, LLC has adopted a philosophy of providing high quality representation for a widely diverse client base. Our primary emphasis is on the minimization of tax consequences for individuals and small businesses, while striving to be a center point for all our client’s needs. And by keeping in constant contact with professionals in other disciplines, we are able to provide a full team approach to serving clients.

Along with our tax concentrations, we also work in other areas including tax issues relating to all aspects of Family Law and Divorce. Paul is also qualified as a Mediator and Inter-Disciplinary Collaborative Team Member. Piasecki & Company, CPA’s, LLC  provides:


Individual tax services, planning and consulting


Business tax services including planning, succession and consulting


Trusts and Estate Tax Issues, Not for Profit Entities


Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Services and Consulting


Life Transitional Consulting and Planning

Individual Tax Services
Piasecki & Company strives to provide our clients with timely and effective tax planning services. We utilize newsletters and client follow-up to keep you in the loop.  We strive to put into use the famous axiom of Judge Learned Hand ” tax avoidance IS NOT tax evasion”. Tax planning needs to be considered all year long. We encourage clients to make use of tax planning meetings/discussions focusing on long and short-term ideas that are available. We encourage our clients to call us with any type of question they might have. If we can’t answer it…. we know who can. For example, corporate executives find stock option planning to be very beneficial for overall financial health. It may be important to bring in other professionals such as trust and estate attorneys, financial or insurance professionals to review all the important areas and consequences. Good planning provides client with “what if” scenarios that can be revisited and revised with minimal amounts of effort using the latest financial and tax planning tools. Preparation for actual income tax filing is just a small part of what we do. Just remember that “failing to plan is a plan…”
Business Tax Services
On the business front, we service a wide variety of business entities, from large corporations to small “mom and pop” establishments. We also work with charitable foundations, trusts, limited liability entities and not-for-profit entities. We work with business owners and shareholders to minimize tax situations all through out the year. Conferences held pre-year end serve to look at the total tax situation from not only a business entity, but also its effect on the personal situation of each individual involved. We pride ourselves in that our clients talk to us first, so that we might be able to make recommendations to fulfilling their wants be it computer-related, bookkeeping, financing or other operational needs. It starts with a single call or email. We strive to be the first call from our Clients.
Trust and Fiduciary Tax Services
Piasecki  & Company CPA’s, LLC also works with many different types of Fiduciary Entities such as Family Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts as well as Gift and Estate Tax Returns. We strive to work with other Advisors such as T & E Attorneys, Insurance Professionals as well as Executors and Trustees in keeping  Estate Planning current and in compliance. We are big believers in the need for Current Wills, Durable Powers of Attorneys and especially Medical Related Orders in place and accessible to Family.
Divorce Mediation & Collaboration and Consulting Services
Managing Member Paul Piasecki, CPA is also available to provide Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Services. This area of experience came about not only from many years of work related experience in the Litigation area but also from personal experience as well. Divorce Mediation is about bringing together two adverse parties in creating a document that does not totally rely on the Courthouse but in meeting the needs of the parties and their family units. Statistics show that mediated agreements return to court far less often then litigated agreements. Our approach is to work on the financial aspect of a situation, along with attorney mediators to assist in forging a mutually acceptable understanding between the parties with a keen eye towards the children and financial well being. Mediation is conducted with both parties in a safe environment.

Collaborative Divorce is a Practice Model where each party is represented by an attorney but the goal of this Model is to work effectively together as a “team” to draft an Agreement. This is a great option in order to have an attorney working for your interests but also working together with the other side to get things done. This model can also be Inter-disciplinary and involve Financial Neutrals and Support Coaches or Therapists working together as well. One interesting caveats about this Model is that if the Parties cannot agree and the Matter goes to Litigation, all Professionals usually have to resign and all new Professionals take over which adds incentive to settle the Matter outside the Courthouse.

We are often brought into Sessions as a Financial Neutral to work with some of the more complex tax related issues and an equitable distribution. We are also on call for various mediators for other matters such as:


Timing of Divorce- When to finalize-This year or next year?


Filing Status- Joint or Separate Returns and ramifications?


Setting up Estimated payments and Revising Withholdings


Allocating Tax items from Joint Return to Other Status


Tax Projections for each Party to maximize tax savings


Educating a Lesser Involved Spouse- Tax Cash Flows

The reason for choosing Mediation or Collaborative Divorce versus Litigation can be one of cost, but most importantly utilizes the concept that “only you know what is best for you and your family”. Make no mistake, it is still important to have attorneys and maybe financial advisors or appraisers, but the content of your agreement is yours to craft.
Life Transitional Consulting and Planning
One of the most satisfying things for us, that most people  consider their CPA’s a “Trusted Advisor” as this relationship has been built up over many years and frequent conversations.  Many times this leads to becoming a “pseudo” part of the extended Family. We hear the “good”,  as well as the “not so good”, and provide quiet advice knowing of dynamics and situations. We are available to work with you to discuss and plan for any potential impact of the “good” or the “not so good”.  Prudent planning  always starts with timing and reacting to meet the circumstances..  Whether it is considering a new employment opportunity, celebrating the birth of a child or grandchild, wealth preservation discussions or protection, we are available to consult and better yet provide a frame of reference or referral to provide confidence and comfort. We are also available in the times of life’s unfortunate events such as illness, accident or divorce to provide advice and planning and most importantly suggest recommendations for timing of actions. .  We  will work together to smooth out the “not so good” and accentuate the “good” and hopefully provide some important perspective.  We hope to be the first call.

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December 1, 2017 Dear Friends: Another year is winding down and it is time for the Annual Newsletter which is being posted to Our Website this year. Delivery this year is different with the main reason being that since so much is unsettled in...

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